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Stock # 2680
Category: ID Cards, SS & POLICE
Type:  SS & POLICE
Price: $129.00

A Super, super rare, 100% original nationality cetification ID card from the Lodz-Litzmannstadt Ghetto in Poland. Stamped by the Oberb├╝rgermeister of Litzmannstadt.

Card is 5x7" and was issued to an Adolf Schonhals in Oct, 1940 (just eight months after the ghetto was established). This is probably a Category I card- for ethnic German-Pole workers, and he may have worked as an office clerk, helping administrate the coordination of the working ghetto population.

Established in February 1940, the Litzmannstadt ghetto was second only to Warsaw in size and became the role model for organization, employing some 12,000 Jewish and ethinic clerks and office workers to help run over 100 factories containing over 60,000 workers. There was an exceptionally skilled textile factory-mfg of the finest tailor's. Many uniforms and dresses were made for the German military and population.

Life was lean, hard and everyone had to work (or be shipped off), but there was also a rich cultural life, with 27 prayer houses, regular symphonic music concerts, and a Catskills where many poets , writers and artists still continued their work. Winters were cold and as war raged on, the food dwindled, and as a result, 43,000 lives were lost over its five year existence as a ghetto.

An incredible piece of WWII history